Sunday, November 4, 2012

More views of Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Chinese are very entrepreneurial, and can make money doing all sorts of business....
However, I'm not sure how well this company is doing with its design projects. they are recycling used mobile phones, iPads, etc, probably to make some cheaper imitation ones. Be warned! 

Of course there are plenty of shopping malls and pedestrian streets, this one is in Causeway Bay.

The subway system is super efficient, so it's so easy and fast to get around.

I like this shop window which is promoting travel around the world!

No explanation needed....cheaper than Beijing!

You probably also recognise some famous brand names in these street signs on Nathan Road, but did you notice the one from Beijing? I was very happy to see this Chinese medicine store.

A mammoth exhibition in a shopping mall has people queuing up.

And even more queuing up at the local Apple store...even before iPhone5

A touch of history...the old Central Pier which was relocated to this new location.

And for those of you from UK, a touch of old England! Soho's in London, right? Yes but here it means "SOuth of HOllywood (Road)".

.........looks familiar?

Time for afternoon tea.....if you haven't got time to wait for a table at the Peninsula, or the money, try the Portobello in Soho!

 A streetside altar you would not find in Soho London!
........and coils of incense. 

  ....and worship of gold!

My friend's son was getting married, and they had a traditional village banquet with 60 tables...yes Hong Kong is not just a big city, there is country side too.Traditional red everywhere.

Traditional red cheongsam (qipao) worn by thebride, who did not have a traditional ethnic background.


is good food for many Chinese...a hotpot of all kinds of meats and seafood, delicious!

and more food.....

Family toast...note the band in the background

 Finally for our departure, the peace and quiet of Chep Lap Kok International airport, although it is one of the top ten busiest airports in the world. Same architect as for Beijing's Capital Airport. This is the downtown check-in which is so convenient.

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