Thursday, September 16, 2010

Seductive Ancient Silk Road(3)Turfan

City of grapes, we were there at the right season. The superb pictures in this series of 5 blogs on the Silk Road are courtesy of friends Peter and Mary - the not so good ones are mine!

Bunches of grapes everywhere, this was at our lunchtime restaurant

Excellent food and entertainment

Uyghurs have fascinating facial features, some even with blue eyes.
Uyghurs love to sing and dance.Lots of delicious food, including lamb kebabs
No, not a mosque but a drying room for grapes (or are they raisins?)

Haven't seen so many different shapes and sizes of raisins before!

Flaming Rock, which every child has heard of in the Monkey King, and yes, it was very hot!
Folk dance at the ruins of an old town