Sunday, April 23, 2017

Some China photos

I have been in China in Beijing, Xinjiang, Hangzhou, Ningbo and Shanghai. It was good to be back seeing family, friends and my associate tour guides who are carrying on the ChinaMango business. There was not that much pollution surprisingly! We had quite a few sunny days and blue skies in Beijing. Also the high speed rail network makes travelling large distances so easy.

In Beijing, we saw something you would never see on the streets of London:

This little fella was being taken out for a walk by its owner......actually not a pet, but up for sale at 1600 RMB (around 200 pounds or 250 USD).You know the Chinese believe that they make a great soup and have anti-carcinogenic properties, probably related to their long lives.

In Shanghai, despite the national economic slowdown, business is still booming. There are over 1000 buildings exceeding 30 stories, and new skyscrapers are still being built.There are more free standing buildings over 400m high than in any other city in the world, except for Chicago.

The building on the left, the recently-completed Shanghai Tower, has 128 floors and is 632 m tall, the tallest in China and the second tallest in the world, and next to it in the middle of the photo is the Shanghai World Financial Centre at 492m.

We took some time off to sample the nightlife in Shanghai and there were a few new hotspots to see and be seen in. One place that caught my eye was a UK-themed bar that only opened after 11pm.

If you want to know where the door to Heaven is, then do book a Shanghai night tour!

However, it was the street scene below that reminded me of England the most, with sycamore trees, few people and even fewer cars! This was taken during the holiday period in the French concession area of Shanghai, a wonderful area for walking around in.

 Do let me know if you need any help with going around Beijing or Shanghai,day or night, and don't forget to look at previous posts for more information.