Sunday, June 19, 2011

Capital location - Capital M restaurant

One of my favourite clients always takes me to dinner when in Beijing, he's so kind! If I were to choose, I would look for a small noisy dumpling or noodle place where the locals eat. However, this time it was his choice, and he chose Capital M which has been running successfully for sometime now.

As it says in their website, "Capital M offers diners an unforgettable combination of delicious, simply good food that is a collection of classics and nostalgic favourites; an iconic view of Beijing; a stunning ambience and warm service. Located on what has been Beijing's most celebrated shopping street for over 600 years - Qianmen Street -- Capital M is perfectly positioned for a breathtaking view of the city's heart. Whether from our terrace or our gorgeous interior, diners enjoy a view that unfolds from the Forbidden City to Qianmen Gate, including Tian'anmen Square."

            Just south of Tiananmen
Square, approaching
Qianmen St.

View towards Tiananmen Square, with old City Wall watchtowers and Mao mausoleum at the back
Once inside, it's a different world!

Here I am on the terrace enjoying the view.

The inside decor is definitely not Chinese!

Some idea of the food. Chinese is always my favourite but you may not agree.

Looking over the terrace onto QianMen St, you can see the original Quan Ju De Roast Beijing Duck shop, one of the time-honoured brands of China.
And another well-known brand....well not quite, only in China! 

So, I can take you to Capital M next time if you want some fine dining, a great Sunday brunch, a romantic drink at dusk, or take part in other social events such as Sunday afternoon teatime music recitals and literary festival.

I'm off to Europe for a month so please be a little patient before I write the next blog. Happy holidays to you all!