Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I, Yi...a foreign traveller's tales

"I like going to China. I like watching the constant chaos of Beijing, where affluent modernism and something akin to centuries-old village life are all jumbled up together; where impressively aggressive sidewalk salesmen insist that I must buy five designer knock-off wallets right now, steps away from Burberry and Versace and in sight of a big red banner that extols us all to “Respect Intellectual Property Rights; Be Law-abiding Vendors;” where there’s food everywhere, and most of it delicious. Where western consumer-capitalism, Mao’s little red book, and 5000 years of civilization are all stirred together into something that’s clearly…well, that’s clearly something happening, although it’s hard to tell what, exactly, it currently is or may turn out to be............"

This is the beginning of a blog written by a recent client who climbed the Wild Wall with me. I can recommend you look at the whole blog for the great pictures that he took on that trip:

Hope you like the photo of me too!

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