Monday, February 16, 2009

Memories of my holiday in Kenya

When I was living in London, I went to some countries like Kenya, Morocco, Cuba, Brazil etc. Kenya is the country where I saw a lot of animals in nature. We went to a beach resort near Mombassa for one week and went on safari to see the animals for one week.
During the trip, we also visited one local Masai tribe, which I haven't seen anywhere before!

Beautful beach near Mombassa

Camels for the tourists.

The lady is cooking lunch on the street in Mombassa!

Shy boy in the village. Do you know what kind of materials they use on the walls and roof of the house?

With our guide/driver during the trip!

Beautiful girl at the front door!
A traditional welcome dance for us!As one of their traditions, before a male marries he must kill one lion!

A lion close-up

A giraffe having breakfast!
An oil painting of a leopard in the hotel!

Ex-Chinese leader Mr Jiang went to the hotel on safari!
A rhinoceros!

Ten s of thousands of pink flamingos on the lake I saw a condom box in the toilet in the safari park!

On the top of the hill in Mara Masai park!

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