Monday, February 23, 2009

For your first visit to Beijing

If you are visiting Beijing for the first time, you should go to the most famous places such as Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Beihai Park, Temple of Heaven, Lama Temple, Summer Palace, Confucian Temple and Bird's Nest. The Great Wall and Ming tombs can be a one day trip, so the total would be four days in Beijing, see the major tourist attractions in Beijing with the following link:

If you want to discover the temples in Beijing I can take you to Taoist temples such as Dongyue Temple and White Cloud (Baiyun) Temple, or Buddhist temples such as Wanshou Temple and Fayuan Temple.

If you coming here during the weekend, you can to go to the most famous outdoor antique market Panjiayuan for a half day.

For nightlife, you can enjoy the Chinese Acrobatics Show, Beijing Opera and ShaoLin Kungfu Show. After the show, there are so many restaurants available, including Beijing Duck restaurants, and you can then go to various bars and nightclubs to meet local expats and Chinese people, and dance the night away.

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