Monday, October 14, 2013

ChinaMango Tour Information for Beijing and other cities

ChinaMango would be very happy to arrange a guide in Beijing, and surrounding areas, for half or full day tours, as well as night tours. I will not be posting new blog updates in future, and would encourage you to browse through the previous posts for a taste of the many things you can do and see in and around Beijing.

If this is your first visit to Beijing, there are the 'must-see' historical sights like Forbidden City (renovated and more displays since the 2008 Olympics),
 Temple of Heaven, and Summer Palace. These can be done by taxi at reasonable cost. Also a one day trip to the Wild Wall (non-touristy part of the Great Wall) and Ming Tombs is very popular with private car.

There are other places such as hutong tour (traditional alley and street life), modern art area '798', museums and the municipal planning exhibition. The blog posts over the past few years also show the variety of things you can see in Beijing and surroundings. We are very flexible, and can discuss and customise a program based on your particular interests, putting in as much or as little in one tour as you like.

We can of course also give recommendations on the best places to eat, there is such a huge range now from very cheap local restaurants with food from all over China (and the world!), and also fine dining Michelin star restaurants. 

We also arrange night tours which can include a show (acrobatics or kung fu or Beijing opera), Olympic sites at dusk,
a night food market and visits to local spa/massage and/or bars (Weekends are the best times for the bars).

For the more adventurous, there are several interesting possibilities around Beijing such as Chengde (Imperial Resort),

Tianjin, Pingyao (UNESCO World Heritage Site), and Xian (terracotta warriors) where we have standard 2 and 3 day packages. Further afield, we can arrange a visit to Xinjiang for an Old Silk Road tour.


I hope you choose ChinaMango. We offer value for money, understand your needs, are up-to-date on what's happening on the scene, and do not waste your time in factory visits or tourist shopping, unless requested. Do feel free to contact me on for further information and rates.


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