Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A "legendary" hotel in Beijing- European style with Chinese characteristics

From the outside, you might think this was a street in Paris or London.
 However, if you look closer, you'll see it's all a copy of 19th century European architecture.
It is a grand 5-star hotel in Beijing which opened 5 yrs ago, and worth taking a look inside, if only to get an idea of what rich Chinese think is good taste.
As one tripadvisor reviewer said "...This hotel reminds me of the old time world charm palaces. The entrance is spectacular and the atrium lobby is simply breathtaking. The spa was unbelievable...beautiful Roman marble columns with glamourous touches everywhere you look. Really stunning in many ways...."
Another guest said "..The Lobby is MASSIVE with enough marble to cover all of Italy .The unique antique French Chateau Fireplace Mantle is the Lobby eye catcher..."

Yes, so many words could be used to describe the feeling inside...classy, amazing glamour and hype, fabulous, OTT(?), palatial, imperial even....
17-story atrium
Imagine yourself as a European King or Queen as you walk around your palace.

As their website says, "....Imported from Europe, antique furniture and decorations are featured throughout the hotel to create a truly opulent, neo-classical ambiance. Fabrics are rich in texture and colour creating an elegant, and instantly tactile, experience...."

Several antique pieces are on display... they wouldn't look out of place at Versailles or the Louvre!

In the shopping arcade there was even a bridal costume store.......
...which is handy if you happen to be holding your wedding party in the hotel, as this couple were, Chinese style!

The website says, "...the 746 sqm-ballroom replicates the Versailles’s magnificence and Classical taste. Extremely spacious at the height of 6.6 m. the natural and graceful way of decoration exposes the luxurious and unique taste. Nine shining crystal chandeliers add to the splendor even more brightness...."

Signatures on the wedding "guestbook", not at all in classical style!


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