Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another "antique" market Gaobeidian

This is my first blog of 2013, a rather late Happy New Year and early Gong Xi Fa Cai for Chinese New Year to you all!

I have been busy travelling since early January, and am writing this from Thailand. We first went to a prizegiving in Guangzhou in connection with the HIV/AIDS Trust work I'm doing, and then went to Bangkok and Chiang Mai to see old friends, to get away from the cold weather and also to relax.

We were lucky to escape the smog in Beijing so far, but not sure what it will be like when we get back on Feb 2nd.

Meanwhile, here are some random pictures from a visit to Gaobeidian on the outskirts of Beijing. This 'market' is like a long street full of different kinds of shops. It is not crowded so more relaxing than visiting Panjiayuan.
Take a look!
That's me relaxing!

Antiques yes, but of course not just from China. This old horse drawn carriage is from Belgium they said.

Renovating an old door frame.

A bit different from the traditional male and female tigers found at doorways.

Traditional heavy wooden furniture - not suitable for small apartments and not that comfortable either!

Certainly not Chinese!

Traditional stone panel with the God of Longevity.

Need a door fixture?

Wooden panels for a screen.

There are always fakes around!

Learning on the job at an early age.

Lucky Dragon.

Or perhaps you prefer a bull?

That's me relaxing again, all this window shopping is hard work.

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