Sunday, December 16, 2012

Another Market in the grounds of a Temple

Everyone knows about the Panjiayuan Market (see blog Nov 2010), but there is a smaller market which is also interesting and less touristy, Baoguosi Market.  The best day to go is Thursdays.

Now it may look as if you're going in to another temple (oh no not another one, I can hear some of you say!), and you would be right, but the grounds have been taken over by many, many sellers of all sorts of "antiques".
It's best to go as early in the morning as you can. If you haven't had breakfast you can join the other keen buyers for some noodles .....
....or the famous "jian bing", a kind of freshly made pancake Chinese style.
Once you're inside you'll see all kinds of things on sale, some very cheap like the lucky dip items below.
It's not as crowded as Panjiayuan but smaller in size.
and the temple buildings and trees make a nice environment for strolling around.

 There was only one foreign tourist the day I went, and that was a client of mine!
We  met a familiar person greeting us....
he was all over the place....the poster reads Long Live Chairman Mao!
The old red badges are now collectors' items, and come in all shapes and sizes.
This one is big enough to fit on your mantelpiece.
 Then there are some more valuable items such as this cloisonne clock.
 How do you like this old locomotive which acts as clock, barometer and temperature gauge?
 Not quite sure what these animals are, probably a pair of Chinese dragons.
 Another unusual clock!

And finally definitely not an antique.....can you see what it is?...yes, a model of London sights in honour of the 2012 Olympics.

There's still time to come and do some Christmas Shopping!
Season's Greetings to you all and your families, talk again next year!

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