Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dim Sum for a Lazy Sunday

A friend came to town recently and we decided to go for a dim sum brunch (called "yum cha" down south) nearby. You can see the flowers out near the MOMA building where I live.

 We passed by this famous you know the name of it?
We were tempted by the fast food stall serving soybean milk and other breakfast goodies
Then we got to this popular restaurant open 24hrs a day. It looks traditional in design, but if you look carefully you can see it's just a China, never judge a book by its cover!

 The food inside is genuine though. At 11.30am, it was already nearly full.
 We ordered a variety of dim sum snacks. As you can see, they are generally snack sized portions which have been steamed in bamboo baskets, served with tea. They are just meant to "touch the heart" (which is what dim sum means in Cantonese pronunciation) and can be savoury as well as sweet.
 You need a veggie dish or two to balance some of the more greasy dumplings and buns, and drink lots of tea for better digestion.

 What happens if you have 3 or 5 people at  your table?
 By the time we finished, there were still people outside queuing up for a table. 

At the Ditan (Temple of Earth) park next door, we bought tickets for a book fair.

 It was a good excuse to have a walk after a heavy meal.
Note the Beijing Spirit, something that is being promoted very strongly in Beijing right now.

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