Monday, January 23, 2012

Enter the Dragon - Happy New Year!

The rabbit returns to his palace and out comes the dragon to bring in the new year. I wish all old and new friends happiness, health and good fortune in the coming year.
You would have to be blind not to see it is the year of the dragon, full of vigour, strength and confidence. The Chinese dragon is not like the fiery evil dragon of the west, but is proud powerful and auspicious.

It's a busy time of year for everyone: migrant workers getting train tickets and rushing home for a long break; people shopping to buy gifts for family, friends and connections; storekeepers preparing for one of their peak season sales, with some opening 24hrs over the 3 day holiday. Actually, by working over two weekends, the 3 days stretch to one week off.

Red is definitely the colour of the day. The festive spirit is more evident in the shopping malls and markets. Since Xmas and Chinese New Year come so closely together this year, the same set of decorations can be used. Down with the Xmas signs and up with the Chinese New Year ones.

Chinese lanterns are hung everywhere

Long strings of firecrackers (only decorative)

Toffee apples (haw) for sale

Dancing dragons

Tea is being sold for 15 USD/ pound to up to 1500 USD/pound for the very best.

Add a couple of yellow dragons to change Xmas decor to New year decor!

Xmas decorations are replaced by Chinese knots

New Year couplets are very popular, to be put up in people's homes

Dragons of different size, shape and colour.

Ming dynasty dragon.

See you next year!

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