Thursday, January 14, 2010

Melting Snow and Freezing Temperatures

What a week we've had! Everyone's been talking about the cold temperatures and when was the last time it was so cold - 40 or 50 or 60 years ago? The heavy snowfall did cause much disruption, car drivers kept off the streets and so it was great to be able to drive without much traffic, though speed was still slow in the icy conditions. Taxis are doing great business, as are hotpot restaurants.
I thought I could have a quiet time in January. However, I have had quite a few brave and lucky, or perhaps unlucky guests, who could see the Great Wall and Forbidden City with a new white coat of snow. There was not much outdoor walking and more time spent in coffee shops recovering from the cold! Actually it's not too bad if there is sun and no wind.
I treated myself to a new padded coat, Chinese style, which I designed myself and got made up in a few days at a local tailor - highly recommended! Guess how much, or rather how little, it cost? Well, actually, just about the same as you would pay me for one day's work as a tour guide. Now that's really a bargain price!
The temperatures are creeping slowly back up to zero. The Embassy area has been cleaned up with neat piles of snow under the trees and pavements clear. Perhaps it's to allow the guards to be able to march from one posting to another. You may think they have smart uniforms, but I still prefer my coat, and I hope you agree!
Tomorrow the first ever Mr Gay China pageant, organised by will be held in Beijing. Now there's an exciting event that is sure to warm everyone up and melt many hearts.


  1. You are very cute in your new coat! ;)

  2. Jet is cute in anything.