Monday, November 30, 2009

Great British Food

Great British Food is about as (in)famous as Great British weather. True to form, we are certainly getting plenty of the latter, it's been rain, rain and rain this week in London. On the food scene, the food has improved greatly over the past 10 years. I took a chance this trip to go for a quick walk round Borough market last week and saw what a huge variety of good quality produce can be bought in London now.  

I really love cheese, which is unusual for a Chinese, so my mouth was watering when I saw so many kinds, as well as all the different sausages, long and short, thick and thin.

Delicious cakes are another big difference from Chinese food. I used to eat very few sweet things, but have now developed a sweet tooth. Oh well, never mind, more gym training when I get back to Beijing. 
It was a big disappointment not to see any live fish (or fishermen) or fowl, such a big difference from my local market (see previous blog on local shopping). However, ostrich was something new for me, and also something I would see again in Capetown.

I was so happy to see Chinese influence had even got into French cooking! 

However, it seems Sri Lanka is ahead of China in marketing its tea.

Delicious home made biscuits, rather naughty I thought in more ways than one........

...or did I get the photo the wrong way round?

Finally some lovely chocolates for you to drool over. Which one do you like best? I think I can guess!


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