Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shopping at My Local Market

You probably know how Chinese like to buy fresh vegetables, meat and fish. The hustle and bustle of market traders, shouting best prices for their products, contrasts with the rows and rows of corridors with soft background music of supermarkets in the West, with their neat shelves lined with plastic wrapped, super-clean, sterile vegetables and few humans in sight. 
Here there are lots of friendly stall keepers, even the fishmonger can smile after a hard day's work! And in case you're wondering, there are no live animals here.There is lots of local produce as well as imported fruit, can you spot the durian? With the hot summer, water melon is a favourite way of cooling down. And isn't it a luxury to buy hand-made noodles? Or even hand-made brooms, totally 'green' and organic!
Here are some pictures I took in my local market, I hope I have the chance to give you a personal tour next time you are in Beijing. More pictures follow.

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